Greener Lawn Care started as a part of Mallow Landscaping when Don and Wilma Mallow saw the need for liquid lawn service for the Cumberland area. It was a new method of applying fertilizer and other materials to lawns.

In 1981, Greener Lawn Care became a separate entity enhancing and providing the service to clients in the Cumberland area, managed and operated by Craig and Christy Martin. The office and equipment are located at 10801 Old Johnson Road, east of Cumberland.

The business quickly expanded in the Tri-State area serving Allegany, Mineral, Garrett, Washington and Bedford Counties. The main offering at the time was a custom designed program of four applications. Each application was designed to handle the lawn requirements at the time it was applied-- providing nutrients and weed/insect controls as needed.

Until recently, liquid applications were the mainstay of the operation.

In keeping pace with "cutting edge" technology in the turf care industry, granular products and applications are being incorporated into the Greener Lawn Care program.

Our Lawn care technicians are registered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture and have been through training to qualify them to perform their task at getting the right amount of material evenly applied to each lawn.

Each lawn starts with an evaluation and measurement including a detailed examination of the existing condition of the grasses and soil. A treatment plan is then designed and recorded. As each application is applied, the technician will make note of how the lawn is progressing and can handle special needs that may arise.

"This family owned business credits its successful 30 years to faith in God, hard work, faithful employees and many loyal customers. We plan to continue beautifying our community one yard at a time." - Christy Martin

The company is a member of Professional Landcare Network which keeps them informed of the latest technologies, products and information about the lawn care industry.