Our technicians are working in Rawlings, LaVale, and Fort Ashby today.  Now that fall is right around the corner, you might want to think about lime.  If you haven't limed your yard for some time remember that lime helps promote root growth and improves color and density.  Call today for your quote!

Today and Friday we're trying to finish our #3 summer application of fertilizer, weed control, and insecticide.  We're working in several locations within the tri-state area.  If you've not yet had your summer application, it will be either today or tomorrow.  Have a good day!

Our technicians are not working today due to the weather.  We will be finishing our #3 (summer) application this week.  Have a good day and stay dry!!

Today our technicians are working in the Cumberland, Belair, and Short Gap areas.  If you've not had lime, you may want to consider a lime application this fall.  Lime promotes turf root growth plus improves the color of the lawn.  Have a good day!

Due to the rainy weather conditions all work has been canceled till Monday, August 26.  Have a good weekend!

We're working in the Cumberland and Keyser areas today.  If you've never had lime applied or it's been awhile, consider an application this fall.  Lime promotes root growth and improves the color of the grass.  Have a great day!

We're working the Georges Creek and LaVale area today.  Mow high and often!  Mowing high helps reduce crabgrass and weeds!  Have a great day!

Today we're working in the Oakland, Grantsville, and Cumberland Areas.  Remember to mow high and in different directions.   Also be thinking about lime for fall.  It raises the ph level so that grass can grow better, thicker, and healthier.  Lime also improves color.  Enjoy the day!

Today we're working in Keyser, LaVale, and Romney.  With the change in weather, yards are drying out.  Remember to mow on high setting to avoid crabgrass and weeds.  Have a great day!

Due to the high humidity we're still dealing with brown patch disease/fungus.  Make sure to mow your yard on the high setting--it reduces a lot of problems such as weeds, crabgrass and disease.   We're working Lakewood, Cresaptown and Cumberland today. 
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