Questions and Answers About Lawn Care

Q. Will my lawn always be green, spring, summer and fall?
A. Not if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. In the hot dry part of the summer you may need to water and mow in a special way to help the Greener Lawn Care team keep your lawn green.

Q. Will my lawn be totally weed and insect free?
A. No lawn care service can promise this. We are applying the very best in pre and post emergent weed controls as well as the most effective insect controls available – however, some pests may occasionally persist.

Q. Do I have to be at home when you treat my lawn?
A. No. A detailed survey of the lawn and its boundaries will be made by the evaluator. The technician will have this information when your treatments are made.

Q. How many treatments are there and are all of them necessary?
A. There are four (4) treatments. Each is seasonally designed to take care of your needs during the time they require attention. Taking less than the full program compromises the program severely. Our program was carefully designed to cover many practical aspects of your lawn needs. Skipping a treatment voids your guarantee of satisfaction.

Q. Why do you treat the lawn when it's hot and dry?
A. That's when grass feeding insects such as sod webworms and chinch bugs are at their peak to damage lawns. Our insecticide keeps them under control to prevent turf injury.

Q. How long should it take the technician to service my lawn?
A. The average lawn in our area can be covered in about 5 to 30 minutes depending on the lawn size and the number of obstacles such as flower beds, pools, sidewalks, swing sets, etc.

Q. How am I invoiced for the treatments?
A. Normally the invoice and the description of service are left at the home after each treatment. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Statements are sent, but any invoice over 30 days from time of treatment will receive a $6.00 late fee charge.

Q. What if it rains after you treat my lawn?
A. No problem. Occasionally this does happen. Sometimes we'll have to finish an application in the rain. Rain allows for excellent penetrations of the fertilizer and the pre-emergent crabgrass control. If you notice in two weeks that your weed control is not sufficient, a call to our office is all you need to do. Our supervisor will check your lawn and determine what is needed.

Q. Are the chemicals harmful to my pets or children?
A. All our materials are registered with the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency for use in turf, and are used in strict accordance with the labels. There is no danger to persons, pets, driveways, or walks. Please keep off the lawn until it's dry. This will allow the material to do its job.